The Circular Calendar 2015 - sun 50° 40 ° 30° north of the equator

Welcome to The Circular Calendar
sun: 50°/40°/30° north of the equator
New Version for 2015 available shortly!

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When you really start to think about it, our square, grid-like calendars make very little sense. That’s not how time works. Every year, we start in January and work our way through the months until we’re right back at January again. The way we’ve constructed time is cyclical in nature, so it stands to reason that our calendars should reflect that, right? “I think the circular way represents a calendar in a conceptual way much better than a regular wall calendar with the months next to each other,” explains Soren Lachnit. “The round form represents the endlessness of time, and a circle just looks nicer than a rectangular grid.”

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