Which version should I choose?

If you have no idea on which latitude you live on. Check this site (www.latlong.net) and search for you city. In the shown case f.e. “Wiesbaden” then check the GPS coordinates. The first 2 digest shows the latitude, the letter at the end if you are on northern or southern hemisphere “N” od “S”. If you live on let’s say 48° N you would choose the Edition for 50°North. If you live on 44°N you would choose the Edition for 40°.

Hope that helps with selceting the correct Edition.

The Calendar was awarded with Bronze at the Japan Calendar Award 2014.

An Exhibition will be held in Tokyo and Osaka.
More info can be found here (German):

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Calendar is featured in the book “The inspirations book N°24 – elsewhere”

The Calendar was published in the “Inspiration Book N0.24” which was a companion book for the exhibition “MAISON & OBJET” – Paris 2014.The chapter “Heliotropic” was published by François Bernard – Croisements Agency.

For more details about the exhibition and the book visit:


I am happy to announce that the Calendar received a silver award at the “gregor international calendar award”. From round about 1000 Calendars  60 are awarded.

A winner list can be downloaded here.
More about the Award (German) can be found here.


The calendar was featured at wired.com. There is an interview published that you can read here: LINK

Thanks Liz for the nice article!

I have so many emails regarding other latitudes. At the moment there is only a version for 50° north of the equator!
Maybe there are other versions for next year. I might do a digital tablet-version too.

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Thanks for all the great feedback!

Wow the circular calendar got featured at the verge. This gave me 3 days of wrapping and packing 🙂
You can read the article here: LINK

Thanks to all for the positive feedback. There will be definitely a 2015 version.


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