2023 Circular Calendar PRINT-VERSION- sun – 60º-50º-40º-north of the equator

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This is the printed Version of the Circular Calendar.

By a concentric hourly scale, the possible hours of sunshine for the days in 2023 can be read. All around, the calendar displays all months and days for 2023, but also the calendar weeks, moon phases (UTC-Time) and summer, winter, spring and autumn solstices are displayed. It also offers enough space for daily notes.

The Calendar will be shipped rolled in tube – without frame

Currently we have these editons!
Latitude 60°North, 50° North and 40°North 30°North
Latitude 40° South, 30°South, 20°South

Which version should I choose?

If you don’t know what latitude you live on, visit this website (https://www.latlong.net/) and search for the city you live. The first two entries show the latitude, the letter at the end indicates whether you live in the northern or southern hemisphere “N” or “S”. If you live at, say, 48°N, you would choose the Edition for 50°North. If you live at 44°N, you would choose the editon for 40°North.

Choose Your Latitude:

Organize the year 2023 clockwise

calendar weeks
moon cycles (UTC-Time)
summer / winter solstice
spring / autumn equinox


• Size: 2 sizes available:
Large B1 – 700 x 1000 mm (25.5 x 39,3 in )
Extralarge A0 – 841 x 1189 mm (33.1 x 46.8 in)
• Paper weight: 200GSM
• Premium Quality Paper
• Surface: matt
• Shipping: without frame rolled in tube

Gregor Calendar Award  – SILVER
Japan Calendar Award  – BRONZE
Nominated for 100 Best Posters  DE, AT, CH

Weight 0,14 kg
Dimensions 70 × 100 cm

20° south of the equator, 30° south of the equator, 40° south of the equator, 30º north of the equator, 40º north of the equator, 50º north of the equator, 60º north of the equator


A0 – 841 x 1189 mm (33.1 x 46.8 in), B1 – 700 x 1000 mm (25.5 x 39,3 in )

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