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The Circular Calendar for 2022

PDF Edition

The circular calendar visualizes the possible hours of sunshine for the year 2022 with the yellow area inside.
By a concentric hourly scale, the possible hours of sunshine for the days in 2022 can be read. All around, the calendar displays all months and days for the year.


Following Versions are available for Latitude North of the equator: 60°/50°/40°/30°


Honored with the “international gregor calendar award” in silver and the japan calendar award in bronze, featured in “wired”, “the verge” and other big design blogs

sunlight – 60°/50°/40°/30° north of the equator

The yellow form shows the daily sun hours during 365 days on a specific latitude.
check the available editions here

Organize the year 2022 clockwise

calendar weeks
moon cycles
summer / winter solstice
spring / autumn equinox

Available as Print on 200GSM Heavy Paper

B1 – 700 x 1000 mm (25.5 x 39,3 in )
A0 – 841 x 1189 mm (33.1 x 46.8 in)

circular calendar 2022
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